Crafting Stunning Visual Stories Through Expertise

Video, Aerial and Technology Projects

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Zak Kuczynski, the maestro of Audio/Visual Production and Technological wizardry. A multifaceted virtuoso, Zak dons many hats - from Software Developer to Culinary Artist, Drone Connoisseur to Musical Virtuoso, and even a Social Media Luminary.

Having honed his craft across 19 diverse nations and collaborated with luminaries from countless others, Zak boasts over a quarter-century of expertise in transforming visions into unparalleled presentations. His repertoire encompasses a myriad of performance styles, captivating audiences both on stage and through screens.

Zak's paramount mission revolves around elevating your professional image to its zenith while demystifying the intricacies of technology, liberating you from the shackles of gadget mastery. Collaborating with Zak, also known as the 'Zak of All Trades,' underpins a journey towards forging meaningful connections with your clientele, delivering your message with profound impact, ultimately fostering conversion and triumph.

He simplifies the complexities of technology, furnishing you with effortless templates and tools, enabling you to channel your expertise unabated, radiating brilliance, eliciting awe, and ensuring that triumph becomes synonymous with your success.


Video Editing for a Polished Finish

Using cutting-edge techniques to ensure seamless transitions, color correction, and audio enhancement, I'm giving your video a polished finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Video Editing

Whether you have existing footage or just an idea, we can storyboard, layout and develop your project or presentation for various purposes, such as marketing videos, corporate presentations, social media content, and more. I am mostly utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud, but am also proficient in Lightworks, Movavi, Filmora, the Microsoft 365 suite, the Google suite, Canva and more.

Aerial Video & Photo

Landscape, Natural, Real Estate, Inspection or Function; you can call on Zak as an FAA Certified Commercial UAV/Drone Pilot. Working with your project and end goals in mind, from storyboard and flight plans through final edit and release, Zak's goal is to bring your vision to life.

Graphic and Animation

Weather it's a logo, a sequence for a training or an entire animated presentation, Zak has the skill to set yours apart from the pack.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Developing graphics and animation that fit your project can help fit the needs for many instances. From mock-ups of pre-existing to new items, Zak can help your project soar!

Presentation Building and design

From books and briefs to slide presentations and video, Zak's done it all. He'll help you discuss the project, the style of presentation or structure, and help guide you to what's possible for your best possible outcome.

Professional Presentations

With over 25 years of experience creating and delivering presentations live, on film and virtually, Zak has the know-how to take your reports, sales deck and presentations from 'okay' to 'Wow!' Weather you use PowerPoint, Canva, Slides, Pages or Prezi, we can make your presentation stand out.

Also in Association with:

Don Pikula, Golden Goose Studios

Dearborn, MI

Design Formare Inc.

Renton, WA

Project Facilitator

Zak of All Trades

It's not just a name, Zak has worked in 19 countries for 25 years as a research and development chef, and is also a full-stack developer, FAA certified UAV/Drone Pilot, trained welder/fabricator, trained mechanic, drummer, and researcher. Contact him to see if he can help your project maximize potential.

Testimonial Reel

I find a client relationship best as a partnership. We both aim for the same goal, and my aim for your success drives us both to the best possible outcome.

- Zak